Monday, October 5, 2009

what could have been

Mood : emo
Music : Alipin (Shamrock)

october the 6th. we would have celebrated our 3rd year and 1st month as a couple. its almost 3 months since i lost you. i wonder what you're doing now. i wonder who's taking care of you the way i once did. i wonder if anyone could ever do what i once did. i wonder if you realize that.

its almost 3 months but time hasn't had its chance to heal me. i've been running around like i don't care but i can't fool myself into believing that i'm alright, that i'm not affected, that i'm not hurt. you've shattered my every dream. every dream i've made with you by my side. damn you. damn you for making all those promises. and damn me for believing you were actually capable of keeping them.

the irony of life. it doesn't favor me.

wishes won't bring you back. tears won't change your mind. i miss you. but i'll try to live my life without you.